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At ChiefDX we have the best in Data Science whether you are looking for a Chief Data Scientist or some expertise on a project

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We are a Tech Startup specialising in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies

We offer Data science on demand. Whether a Chief Data Scientist, Chief Data Officer (aka ChiefDX) or supplement your team with our Data Scientists, we can help you with your Data Management needs.


We are headquartered in Singapore with Sales Centres in London and Dubai. Our Delivery Centres are based in Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Korea and China

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Big Data Architecture


The world is in the midst of a Data Explosion with IoT Devices & Sensors in particular, adding Petabytes of Data. Protecting you from this deluge and extracting Insights & Intelligence is where we come in.

 The Architecture you chose will have a critical impact on the success of your project. Whether you need a Project Lead or a Big Data Architect or just want to tap onto our expertise to supplement your team to achieve the desired results, we have the experience to help.

Data Science & AI


AI consists of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. However, before we can apply these tecniques we need to get your data into the appropriate format. Typically, the data, if it exists, is in Silos across Depts and/or Geographies.

Our Data Scientists will work with you to acquire/capture/ingest this data for producing and running the ML models.

Predictive Analytics can be a very powerful tool for Sales & Marketing in Campaign & Churn Management in Retail, Telecoms, Media, Hospitality and Healthcare etc. Similarly, Predictive Maintenance benefits Manufacturing and Maritime industries

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IoT Sensors


IoT Sensors will be deployed extensively over the next few years and will improve Customer Journeys and Experience across all Verticals. 

At ChiefDX we can provide the latest Sensors from Wifi Scanning for Crowd Analytics to Facial Recognition/Biometrics for devices for  Identity Management, Retail, Banking, Airports, Hospitality, TelCos & Government. These Sensors are effectively "Plug & Play" and so deployable for quick ROI.

Use Cases


Tourism Board wanted to benchmark the "Attractiveness" of its site and compare it with competing Sites. Social Media Analytics across 375+ sources were used.

Results were used to enhance the Site and to execute a targetted Marketing Campaign

Crowd Analytics

Event Organiser wanted to understand the attendance and popularity of individual pop-up stores at a large Shopping Event. 

Sensors were deployed across the Event and attendance numbers captured hourly and "hotspots" identified. Client used results to adjust mix of stores and tailored the layout of future Events.


MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) was a significant part of the overall business for this Hospitality Group. Customer Satisfaction was down significantly for Check-in to their Events.

We deployed our standalone Facial Recognition Devices at unmanned counters and customers checked in using live recognition with their IDs. 

Smart City Solutions

A Govt. entity wants to provide special products/services to its employees at favourable rates. A Big Data/AI Recommender platform is being built for data mining  identifying appropriate services for individuals based on Socio-economic and transactional data (Feature Engineering)


A Movie production company wanted to cast a suitable Male & Female lead. They wanted feedback on suitability of prospective candidates. Social Media monitoring was used to analyse "Love"/"Hate" factors. ML was used to advise on chance of Success based Feature Vectors.

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A Tertiary Institute wants to develop a platform to match students to overseas Tertiary Programmes based on Candidate profiles and Profile of the overseas Colleges. ML techniques were used to provide a matching service and recommendations

We have been selected for Top 10 Tech Startups in APAC for 2019

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